We design solutions that provide entertainment in every room of the home. High quality multi-room audio gives access to an almost unlimited source of music from on-line services, as well as access to you own personal library. High Definition and 4K video provides the ultimate viewing experience.

Up until now, finding the perfect audio system was a compromise between aural quality and aesthetics. With today’s state of the art multi-room audio equipment, ARA Integrated Solutions bring these two attributes together. While distributing a number of audio sources throughout multiple rooms, aesthetics and quality remain, with discreet (in some cases invisible) flush-mounted speakers and simple handheld controls. These systems can be heard but not seen. ARA Integrated Solutions have spent many years designing audio solutions and building relationships with exclusive manufacturers of hi-fidelity systems from around the world. We deliver the best possible audio solutions for our clients.

Hand-in-hand with audio is video. The technology and quality of televisions is progressing faster than ever before. HD and 4K services now put more demand on the supporting systems, data network and infrastructure than ever before. We ensure we design a system to serve you now and in the future. We work with you and your team to design and integrate the television into the interior scheme to provide the best possible viewing experience with least impact. This could be as simple as a gorgeous freestanding TV from B&O or a screen hidden behind automated moving panels with a wall or joinery.